Entry: Day Three Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Leelwan nursery closed today because people cannot get in to work.  I want my money back!!!  So I had to work from home and Sayang went to work...  which proved to be a challenge because I am responsible for feeding Leelwan!  Breakfast was easy.  Lunch was a bit difficult as the little madame requested for pizza.  Oh I want pizza too!  So I made her a quickie pizza which was cheese on toast with homemade tomato sauce.  She had 1 1/2 and left 1/2 for me.  The sweet angel.  I stared at it going back and forth and took and bite but spat it out.  It was already cold and the sauce made the bread soggy so I didn't miss anything.  It would have been more tasty if it was fresh from the grill when she had it.  SIgh. 

Today I don't feel as hungry as the two days before.  I do see the flowers more often though.  Heh.

BREAKFAST: 1 CS cafe latte shake (it was nice at first until the soya kicked in!)

SNACK: carrots and celery with 1 tsp chicken liver pate

LUNCH: 1 CS country beef soup (it was really really nice!)

SNACK: 1/2 CS chocolate fudge bar


SNACK: 1/2 pink lady apple (coz Leelwan had the other half!)


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